This hanging decoration is made from African Walnut. Its Heartwood is a golden yellow to reddish brown, sometimes with darker streaks and veins. Colour tends to darken upon exposure and with age. Sapwood is a medium yellow to light grey, and is generally narrow.
Grain is usually slightly interlocked, but is sometimes straight. It normally has a high level of natural lustre.
Although Lovoa trichilioides is commonly called “African Walnut,” it is not related to true walnuts, but is actually more closely related to Mahogany, being in the Meliaceae family, which contains both the Swietenia and Khaya genera, as well woods such as Spanish Cedar and Sapele.
The decoration is completed with a gold coloured metal eyelet and finial.
Weight ~ 35g


A saving can be made by purchasing more than one Tree Decorations.

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3 Tree Decorations £20 (with free gift/storage box)
6 Tree Decorations £30 (with free gift/storage box)

Tree Decorations

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