This hanging decoration is made from Imbuia, which is a hardwood and has variant spellings amongst which are Imbuya and Embuya. It is also known as Brazilian Walnut.
Its heartwood colour can vary substantially; typically medium to dark brown, sometimes with a reddish, golden, or olive-coloured cast. Light greyish yellow sapwood is usually differentiated from the heartwood. Even though Imbuia isn’t a true walnut, it still possesses deep, rich colours and interesting grain patterns.

The decoration is completed with a gold coloured metal eyelet and finial

Weight ~ 35g


A saving can be made by purchasing more than one Tree Decorations.

1 Tree Decoration   £7.99
2 Tree Decorations £15
3 Tree Decorations £20 (with free gift/storage box)
6 Tree Decorations £30 (with free gift/storage box)

Tree Decoration

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